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Imagine how it would feel to be able to...Discover, understand and address the deeper root causes of your mental, emotional or physical challenges AND...Acquire effective self-empowering skills, strategies and tools, which allow you to truly transform yourself and your life.

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"Change is inevitable – how we change is up to us.”

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Imagine overcoming the fear and anxiety that holds you back from living the life you deserve!

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Imagine erasing self-sabotaging patterns and create empowered actions!

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Imagine a life filled with peace, joy, and happiness!

Dr. Friedemann Schaub works with clients worldwide via Skype, Zoom or phone. Find out more, how you can break through the subconscious root causes of your fear and anxiety.

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“More importantly, buy the book since it lays out the plan and helps make sense of where you are going. The real power is knowing that you can stand on your own two feet; you don’t need anyone or a pill to help you overcome the anxiety that has lingered and prevented you from getting the most out of life.”  



Chris Minske, Washington

The Fear & Anxiety Book Review

“Dr. Friedemann, you have been a blessing for me, you have supported me in a professional, yet compassionate way without judgement through my journey. I honestly feel that you were sent to me for a reason. I always keep you in my prayers and feel that I am so blessed in having known you not just you as a practitioner, but as a person. I feel that I have made a friend from across the globe and hopefully can one day meet you in person to say THANK YOU.”


Shelina Shamji, Canada

Break  Through Client

A year and a half ago, I hit rock bottom. I went from being an unstoppable successful Superman to being anxious, depressed, and having self-deprecating, and suicidal thoughts. My light interest in spirituality and mental health became a new goal. My previous therapist was very helpful with day to day work, but my wounds were deeper, and went much farther back, which I hadn’t realized until I couldn’t sleep due to the severity of my anxiety. When I found Dr. Friedemann Schaub’s videos on Youtube and started reading his book ‘The fear and anxiety solution’, I realized that his program was not offering a band-aid, but was providing a logical permanent solution. After only 9 sessions, I was doing much much better. Most of my anxiety is gone. I am taking far fewer meds, and I am on a path to be meds free in a few months. Dr. Friedemann gets to the point of the issues deeply embedded in the subconscious. His methods involve a revolutionary combination of eastern and western philosophies, from hypnotherapy to gratitude exercises, to journaling, to meditation. I am forever grateful for his support through the toughest period of my life. His program works, and I hope many people will benefit from his knowledge, experience, and support.

Zakarya Baza, Washington

Worked with Dr. Schaub

Dr. Friedemann’s approach helped me to uncover, reconcile and resolve the deeper causes of my anxiety and depression, while at the same time building a new set of mature beliefs founded in reality and self compassion.  have now been over a year free of drugs and irrational anxiety. I enjoy life now and have a wholesome sense of self belief. Dr Friedemann is a wonderful person and I enjoyed all our sessions. His program has been transformational for me and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

David Meaghar, Ireland

The Fear & Anxiety Book Review

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“The connection of mind, body and spirit represents a perfect healing system, equipped with infinite possibilities to respond to even the most adverse circumstances. We become truly self-empowered, once we learn to access and utilize this innate potential.” – Dr. Friedemann Schaub

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You have tried “everything” to change, improve and heal, but somehow there is still something holding you back from reaching your goals. May be you have even started to give up on your dreams to have the life you desire. The Personal Breakthrough Program will give you the momentum and the tools to get unstuck and move beyond any mental and emotional obstacles.”

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