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Free teleseminar and last chance to save $100 on your breakthrough

March 16th, 2015|Empowered Self, Fear and Anxiety, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools, Power of the Subconscious|

People often ask me, why I left my career in cardiology and chose to focus on fear and anxiety. The short answer is: I know how bad it feels to be stuck in these emotions. Since I was a child I had been struggling with anxiety; I tried to manage these intense feelings by being [...]

Break Through to Healing and Empowerment in 95 Days

February 12th, 2015|Empowered Self, Fear and Anxiety, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools, Power of the Subconscious|

Since the release of “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” people have been asking me, when I will offer a seminar on overcoming fear and anxiety. Many told me that while the book gave them new insights and tools on how to overcome their emotional challenges, it has been difficult for them to navigate through the [...]

Stress Solutions Summit

November 25th, 2014|Empowered Self, Fear and Anxiety|

With all the distractions of today’s busy modern culture and the fast pace of our life styles, stress has become an all too common influence upon our health and well-being. It is often the primary cause of physical, mental and emotional dis-ease, and that is why a summit like this is so relevant and important [...]

Reset your subconscious mind to confidence and self-esteem

June 10th, 2013|Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

There’s a common saying, "What holds us back is not who we really are, but who we think we are.” However, if you have ever struggled with insecurity and low self-worth you’ve probably experienced first-hand that you can’t simply think or talk yourself out of these feelings. Even if everybody else tells you that you [...]

Done with love? How to break-through the fear of getting hurt again.

May 28th, 2013|Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

Are you afraid of falling in love? Maybe you have been disappointed or wounded one time too many and are no longer willing to make yourself vulnerable. Or maybe you felt suffocated and controlled in your previous relationships and decided it is better to be alone than unfree. So you are pushing people away to [...]

Time Line Therapy

May 19th, 2013|Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

Time Line Therapy® has the potential of releasing the trapped emotion in memories in a very short period of time. In fact, we usually release most of a person's negative emotions in the Secret of Creating Your Future® Seminars which we give all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. My experience with [...]

Get Rid of the Negative Emotions

May 13th, 2013|Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

Getting Rid of the Negative Emotions: Now, other than disease, why get rid of negative emotions which are trapped in one's body? Well, for example, imagine a salesperson, (s)he has a dream, (s)he's well trained, knows how to sell, and (s)he wants to make more money. But every time (s)he goes to close the sale, [...]

The Significant Emotional Experience

May 6th, 2013|Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

Many mental and physical diseases are preceded by a significant emotional experience (SEE) of a negative nature which may appear in the person's recent past, or even further in the past, such as during childhood. If negative, and depending on the intensity, the SEE has the potential to create or be the source of some [...]

Neuropeptides and the Unconscious Mind

April 28th, 2013|Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

Neuropeptides: Twenty years ago a group of scientists discovered in the brain, a set of chemicals known as neuropeptides. Neuro because they are found in the brain, and peptides because they are protein like molecules. So every time you have a thought or a feeling, a desire, an instinct, or a drive, each of these [...]