Stillness in the Midst of Chaos

November 13th, 2016|Empowerment Radio, Fear and Anxiety|

I am very excited about my guest on Empowerment Radio, Leah Pearlman. She is the founder of Dharma Comics, a popular web series and author of the new book, DRAWN TOGETHER: A Dharma Comics Collection on the Curious Journey Through Life and Love. But more about my wonderful guest in a moment. So how are you doing? The results [...]

What is intuitive self-healing?

October 18th, 2016|Empowerment Radio, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

  "God heals and the doctor takes the fees.” I am not sure if my parents, who were both family doctors in a small village in the Black Forest in Germany, knew of Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote.  But I am certain, they would have appreciated it, albeit they would have possibly changed it to "The [...]

Choosing Happiness

October 11th, 2016|Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

FeatfFe   Happiness. Who doesn't strive for this, as the dictionary describes, state of well-being, defined by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. When the Dalai Lama was asked, what he considers the purpose of life, here is what he responded: " I have considered this question and would like to share my thoughts in [...]

Fear of Intimacy

October 3rd, 2016|Empowerment Radio, Fear and Anxiety|

This week's topic on Empowerment Radio is the fear of intimacy. We all want to be loved, but for many people letting someone get close and becoming important to them is extremely scary. Fear of intimacy and fear of commitment are some of the major obstacles, which prevent us from having lasting and fulfilling relationship. [...]

Are You Suffering from Election Anxiety?

September 19th, 2016|Empowerment Radio, Fear and Anxiety, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

This year’s presidential election, probably more than ever before, stirs up strong emotions in most people, including the candidates. While the primaries turned out to be a terrifying parade of insults, low blows and extreme perspectives, once the candidates were crowned, the emotional dust didn’t settle. Every day we are inundated with breaking news of [...]

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

September 16th, 2016|Fear and Anxiety, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a collection of very powerful tools and skills for change and communication that assists people in a wide range of professional areas including: counseling, psychotherapy, education, health, creativity, leadership and parenting. NLP was found by John Grinder, an expert in linguistics and Richard Bandler, whose background was in mathematics and gestalt [...]

The 9 Keys to Self-Healing

September 16th, 2016|Fear and Anxiety, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

  The following 9 keys are an opportunity for you to explore and utilize your natural ability to heal. Whether you are currently dealing with a physical, emotional or mental challenge and receiving medical treatment or not, these 9 keys will allow you to access your self-healing potential and accelerate the healing process. There is [...]

How can I start using the mind-body-spirit connection to heal myself?

September 16th, 2016|Empowered Self, Fear and Anxiety, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools|

The health damaging effects of stress have been well documented. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal problems, and auto-immune disease are only some of the diseases that are closely linked to increased stress. Our immune system is especially susceptible to negative emotions. Deepak Chopra says in his book, Quantum Healing, "Our immune system is [...]

Using Time Line Therapy

September 16th, 2016|Fear and Anxiety, Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Tools, Power of the Subconscious|

  Using Time Line Therapy® ™ in a medical practice by Eric B. Robins, MD The following article is reprinted from the Journal of the Time Line Therapy® Association (TLTA) with permission of Dr. Robins and the TLTA. My name is Eric B. Robins, MD. I am a urologist with a large HMO in Los [...]