It is time to move beyond your perceived limitations.
Join Dr. Friedemann Schaub for insights and self-empowering approaches on many of the most prevailing challenges in our day-to-day lives. For almost a decade, Dr. Friedemann has discussed such hard-hitting topics as “The Do’s and Don’t of Anxiety”, “How to Become Unstuck”, “The Gift of Self-compassion” and “Overcoming Overwhelm.”

Learn to Transcend Anxiety and Fear

Suffering from anxiety or fear? Unable to reach your true potential because you are plagued with self-doubt? Dr. Friedemann Schaub explains the “do’s” and “don’ts” of dealing with anxiety. Understanding is the first step to demystify this emotion and regain control the more we know about a challenge, the more we can find ways to overcome it.

Stop the Cycle of Self-Victimization.

Struggling with reality or feel like a victim of your circumstances? Some situations like losing our job, financial troubles or a serious health issue can make us feel powerless and stuck in a reality we don’t want. But what is reality? Is it a fact-based truth that you can’t deny or argue? Dr. Friedemann Schaub can help you find out how you can utilize the power of your subconscious mind to become the master of your reality.


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Why women are more likely to suffer from anxiety

Anxiety is the epidemic of our century. More than 40 million Americans are diagnosed with anxiety disorders – and according to statistics women are twice as likely to be affected as men. In my practice about 70% of my clients are women, which seems to corroborate the statistics. But what are the reasons for this gender difference? Are women just biologically more prone to worry? Are we as a society raising girls to be more [...]

How to Get through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your true Self

It can happen to everyone at any time between our 30s and our 60s. It can attack us out of the blue or grow slowly inside of us. But in the end its shadow casts a darkness on everything that we used to love and accept, making us feel unsatisfied, stuck and restless. Ok, this may sound a bit dramatic, since I am not talking about a physical illness or an audit by the IRS. [...]

Fear of Getting Older

Are you afraid of getting older?  Of losing your vigor, your looks and ultimately your sense of being in control? For a long time I told myself that most of my life was still ahead of me, which is why I didn't spend much time thinking about aging or dying. Yet, when I turned 50, I realized that unless I would follow in Metusalem's footsteps, this comforting thought was no longer true. It was time to [...]

You are NOT Crazy

Have you ever had experiences, which were so strange and unbelievable, that you wondered whether you are going nuts – or had some sort of metaphysical encounter? A client of mine, told me a story about one of those events, which made her a stronger believer in the great beyond.  A few years ago, while sitting in church listening to Sunday’s service, she all of the sudden felt strongly her mother’s presence, who had passed away many years [...]

Are we more comfortable with lying and liars?

In a world where fake news, alternative facts, and blatant lies are more and more the norm, truth seems to have become a rare commodity. While not too long ago speaking truthfully was a generally agreed upon moral standard, it appears increasingly acceptable to distort, omit, or falsify facts to either gain some kind of competitive advantage or to avoid negative consequences. Of course, lying has been an issue since biblical times, which is why [...]

How to Tap into Your TrueSelf

One of my intentions is to continue to explore, stretch and expand every day. This can be as simple as trying out a new recipe, driving a different route on my way home or reconnecting with a friend I have lost touch with. Going beyond the daily routines and rigid comfort zones keeps us curious and engaged in life and allows us to continuously grow and discover more about ourselves. In this context my father [...]