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The Psychology Behind FOMO and How to Fight It

(Fear of Missing Out, for those of you who’ve missed out on the acronym update.)

You’ve just drawn a bath, lit some candles around it and even poured a glass of your favorite merlot to enjoy while you soak. Sounds relaxing, right? Being alone with your thoughts surrounded by soothing warm water. And it is, for a few minutes. Until what made it relaxing is exactly what makes it terror: being alone. Where is everyone else? What are they doing? The relaxation drains faster than the water does as your mind reels with thoughts.

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How Stress Hurts Your Heart

We know it’s a killer, but here’s why

You’re no doubt already familiar with the ways stress can ruin your mental health, career and relationships, but how does it manage to kick the crap out of your heart muscles, too? “Researchers aren’t 100 percent certain yet exactly about that answer,” says Dr. Jennifer Sumner, a clinical psychologist and instructor in medical sciences at Columbia University Medical Center. “But what a lot of the evidence suggests is that it’s the cumulative effect of repeatedly being stressed that ultimately leads to these negative outcomes.” Here’s how experts understand it:

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What to Do When Your Kid Says, “I Hate You”

It can be soul-crushing when your child utters these words, no matter how old he or she is. But stay calm, because how you respond makes all the difference.

As a parent, you work extremely hard to give your child the best life possible. You feed them, do their laundry, help with homework, drive them to soccer practice or piano lessons, and stay up all night when the flu strikes—to name just a few of the never ending responsibilities of parenthood. So the last thing you’d ever expect for your child to say is, “I hate you.” But, it happens, no matter how great of a parent you are. While we hope that you never have to hear your child speak these hurtful words, you should know how to pull yourself together and respond appropriately if and when it happens.

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Stress-Free Through The Holidays

My mother was certainly one of those women, who should have taken a long vacation as soon as Christmas was over. It still baffles me how much she was able to accomplish on top of her demanding workload in my parents’ medical practice.

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What really happens to your body when you feel stressed out

None of us are strangers to stress. Between work, family, bills, and other commitments, the stressors in our lives just seem to pile up continuously. It’s no wonder that adults report higher levels of stress each year, according to a 2015 study by the American Psychological Association, with an estimated one-third of participants saying they were more stressed than the year before. And all that stress is just not good for us. In that same study, 24 percent of adults reported extreme stress in their lives, and a whopping 78 percent of adults reported suffering from at least one symptom of stress that year alone.

I spoke with a few experts to find out just how all that stress can affect our bodies, and some of their answers may surprise you.

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Are You Suffering From Election Anxiety?

Are You Suffering From Election Anxiety?

No matter which candidate you support, just a few weeks before the election, you are probably worried and concerned about what will happen if your man or woman doesn’t win. The potential consequences for the economy, the environment, the relationship with the rest of the world and so on may cause you sleepless nights. And as your anxiety is mounting, you feel increasingly powerless and out of control.
So what can you do – besides casting your vote?

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A Deeper Journey into Resolving Fear and Anxiety

A Deeper Journey into Resolving Fear and Anxiety

Join Sher on A Deeper Journey into resolving Fear and Anxiety with Guest Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution.
Dr. Friedemann Schaub MD, PhD is the author of the award-winning book “The Fear and Anxiety Solution.”

His Breakthrough and Empowerment Program has helped thousands of people worldwide to overcome their struggles with fear, anxiety and depression and to build a stronger foundation of confidence and self-worth.

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Fear and Anxiety: Creating a Peaceful Environment for You and Your Children

Fear and Anxiety: Creating a Peaceful Environment for You and Your Children

Do you feel trapped inside your own emotions and wonder if you’re destined to live with anxiety? Do you live each day in fear of another panic attack? As a parent, are you concerned with you children’s fears and creating a safe haven for them? Living with anxiety is common among many and our first guest,

Dr. Friedemann Schaub, award-winning author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution, will help us uncover the hidden causes of fear and anxiety disorders and recover our internal power. Then Kathy Walsh, author of 30 Days to a Mindful Home and founder of Peace Place for Kids, joins us to share how to create an peaceful environment for our children to help them, “live a more balanced, happy and joyful life.

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Huffingtonpost Dr Friedemann

The Toxic Temptation Of Prejudice

A man was sitting in his plane seat, calmly scribbling notes on a pad while waiting for takeoff. The woman sitting next to him, who watched him writing some strange formulas she didn’t understand, felt more and more uncomfortable with the man. Whether it was just his obscure notes, or the notes plus the fact the he had dark hair and a beard, she was concerned, and alerted the cabin crew that she might be sitting next to a possible terrorist. Minutes later, the captain of the plane approached the unsuspecting economist and asked him to leave the plane to speak to some men who appeared to be FBI agents. It turns out the gentleman was Guido Menzio, an Italian-born world famous economist at the University of Pennsylvania, and his notes were a math problem he had been working on.  [Continue Reading]

Friedemann America Meditating

The Fear & Anxiety Solutions with Dr. Friedemann Schaub on America Meditating

Dr. Friedemann Schaub pursued a career in cardiology before receiving a doctorate in molecular-biology. His research has been published and featured in national and international medical and science journals. During more than twenty-years in the medical field, Dr. Friedemann became increasingly fascinated by the powerful influence of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs on health and disease.

Realizing the enormous potential of the subconscious mind, he studied mind-activating modalities and became a certified master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy. Based on this wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Friedemann created a personal breakthrough and empowerment program specifically designed to eliminate emotional and mental blocks and limitations.  Watch Interview Here

Dr Friedemann Fear Anxiety Solution

Boozing It Up on the Company’s Buck

Know the risks when you drink with your peers at work — or with your boss

Drinks in the office may not flow as freely in 2016 as they did back in the days of the “Mad Men” — but in some industries, drinking is still a big part of both business and pleasure. And things can get pretty wild.

“How to mix social life with work — especially in big corporations where the pressure is much higher than it was 15 years ago — is a real concern,” said Dr. Friedemann Schaub, a physician and author of the book, “The Fear and Anxiety Solution.

“There’s a much greater ‘replaceability’ factor in today’s work force. The loyalty of the corporation to the worker doesn’t really exist anymore. You either measure up or you’re let go — and many people are waiting for your job.”

“That pressure,” added Schaub, “is suddenly a part of this weird mingling situation in the bar, where the boss who just hit you with a deadline before the weekend now wants to have a drink with you.”

This drinking can happen at happy hour at the pub around the corner — or halfway around the world, at a remote island work trip.  Continue reading

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7 Things You NEED to Know to Help a Friend Who Lost a Loved One

The grieving process has its own space and its own time. Friedemann Schaub MD, PhD, says, “if you really care, continue to be patient, show up, and don’t feel like after a month that it’s over.” Dr. Schaub also notes that “there’s an isolation that happens and it can turn into shame around having a problem that doesn’t allow us to reach out” meaning, your friend might need your help but doesn’t have the emotional capacity to ask for it at a certain point.

Dr. Schaub says, “Grief goes in stages but the hardest stage is when nobody seems to care and you don’t want to be alone in that.” Continue reading...

The Meaning of Life and The Pilgrimage

Dr. Schaub, what is the meaning of life?

“When it comes to defining the meaning of life, most of us are either befuddled or try to avoid this topic altogether. There are some, who tell us, we should search for meaning by striving for success, making an impact on the world and leaving a legacy to be remembered by. While others proclaim that we should consume and indulge in all the pleasures and treasures life can offer to make our existence worthwhile.”  Continue Reading here

Inspire Nation

How to Shake the Fear & Make Anxiety Work for You!  Discover How to Work With Your Fear & Anxiety, Turning Them Into Incredible Allies – Helping Guide & Enable You In All You Do! Be Empowered & Find Peace!  Listen Here.

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Elements Behavioral Health
5 Ways to Cope With Fear in an Increasingly Scary World Every few weeks, we hear news of tragedy striking somewhere in the world. Between school shootings, terrorist attacks, suicide bombers and other acts of violence, some who are not directly impacted still find themselves reeling in fear.

For most of us, fear comes and goes without much commotion. But for some, fear doesn’t resolve on its own without a conscious effort to manage it and can lead to bigger problems like substance abuse, depression and trauma. So, what can you do to put your fears in check?  Continue reading here

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HuffPost Live
President Obama gave a rare speech from the Oval Office to address the threat of terrorism in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting. With understandable public fear and anxiety, we discuss #WhatsWorking to mitigate those fears.


Huffpost Live
While the terrorist attacks unfolded in Paris last week, people used #porteouverte to show compassion and inclusion. But that story quickly changed to resistance and xenophobia. We discuss #WhatsWorking to embrace tolerance over hatred. Watch Here
Originally aired on November 17, 2015


“Six Common Fears and How To Conquer Them For Good“

It’s not surprising that we feel constantly on high alert, says Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution. “The constant barrage of news gives us every little detail of every disaster. Even though there may be nothing dangerous in our immediate environment, we still feel like something bad could also happen to us at any moment,” he says.” Read More

HuffPost Live
How To Identify And Overcome Endless Anxiety Dr. Schaub discusses panic attacks and how to better understand and identify anxiety disorders… Watch More

Shape Magazine

Rock Your (New Year) Resolutions! “Identify buried sources of stress,” says Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution. “Most people carry around illogical, often unconscious, beliefs that cause anxiety. A classic example is getting a promotion at work but worrying that you don’t deserve it, despite…” Read More

First for Women
Feel More Happy “The key to cultivating this kind of stubbornly positive outlook, says Dr. Schaub, is tapping into the inner strength, confidence and resilience that you already possess.” Read More

Combat Holiday Conflict, Set Realistic Expectations “Conflict is actually healthy. Conflict is a part of a relationship. The worst relationships are those that never have conflict because people don’t care enough to engage in ways that sometimes bring up different opinions,” he said. “Conflict is not a bad thing; it can actually be like a thunderstorm on a hot summer day — it can be really cleansing and can shift the whole atmosphere. Conflict can also bring people back to the level of authenticity and realness that can be very healthy if you’re using it in a positive way…” Read More

Rewire Me
The Fear and Anxiety Solution If you live with fear and anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S.—more than 50 million people have been diagnosed with anxiety at some point throughout their lives. Thankfully, Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, gives anxiety sufferers a whole new way of looking at and addressing their disorder in his book… Watch More

Reader’s Digest: Is it just me?
AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS landlocked boats are ominous? Anyone else out there run screaming when you hear Christmas carolers approach? Surely others share my suspicions that Brad Pitt and Danny DeVito are brothers. No? Well, I know on thing: A lot of you have odd peccadilloes too. So we’ve shared a list of our readers’ obsessions and anxieties with therapists, doctors, professors, and TMZ (OK, not them) in hopes that they could answer the question… Is it just us? Read More


New York Post: Attention helicopter parents and needy kids: College is the time for self-realization
Before you know it they’re out the door. But wait! There’s more!
Modern helicopter parents have enjoyed a wonderful decade. Thanks to texting and Facebook, they have been able to extend the high-touch years of parenting another half a lifetime. So much so that it’s no surprise to see 25-year-olds texting mom for dinner ideas and dads DMing digital money over Twitter. Read More

Tallahassee Your Health
Finding Fulfillment,Page 14 “According to Friedemann Schaub, author of “The Fear + Anxiety Solution, “I’m being way too hard on myself, and the way I define fulfillment is far too lofty to be achievable by most people”… Read More
Don’t Get Caught Up in Perfectionism “There are so many people that are afraid of failure and not being perfect that they don’t try at all,” said Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of “The Fear + Anxiety Solution.” “They will say, ‘well if I cannot do it right the first time, if it’s not possible for me to be…” Read More

Tallahassee Your Health
Problems with Perfectionism, Page 8 “There are so many people that are afraid of failure and not being perfect that they don’t try at all,” said Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of “The Fear + Anxiety Solution.” “They will say, ‘well if i cannot do it right the first time… ” Read More

Oxygen Magazine
Attitude Adjustment “Friedemann Schaub, M.D., Ph.D., a former cardiologist and author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution (Sounds True, 2012), agrees. “Your thoughts have no impact on the body unless they get translated into emotions,” he says. “And that creates a ripple effect that…” Read More

Tallahassee Your Health
Striving Shame, Page 14 “It’s important to really understand when we feel ashamed, it often is coming through our imagination of what other people are thinking, said Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of “The Fear + Anxiety Solution.” “When you’re on an island by yourself walking along the beach… ” Read More

Free Yourself from Fear and Anxiety with Dr. Friedemann Schaub “Are you ready to free yourself from fear and anxiety and discover a path to true healing and well-being? With 20 years of study in the medical field, Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, has studied the powerful influence of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs on health and disease. He is the author of…” Read More

Arthritis Today Magazine

Time To De-Stress! “Write down three of your qualities, abilities or accomplishments that you’re grateful for. Gratitude has a calming, mood-boosting effect – and self-acknowledgement is particularly crucial for individuals with chronic disease, Dr. Schaub says.” Read More

Bottom Line’s Daily Health News
Bad Thoughts About Others: The Poison Inside Your Mind “The nervous system reacts to negative emotions by releasing stress hormones, which affect the body in many different ways,” said Dr. Schaub, a physician specializing in cardiology and a molecular biologist. The immediate effects include increased blood pressure, faster heartbeat and tightened muscles. Over the long term, your cholesterol rises and your immune system weakens…” Read More

PBS’s Next
Facing Down Midlife Anxiety “Stressful shifts in midlife and beyond – job loss, retirement, changing family roles or the death of a parent or spouse – may all bring on anxiety. Men who have defined themselves by their careers, for example, may become anxious and depressed once they retire. “You lose your identity, which brings up feelings of insecurity and a lack of self-worth,” says Dr. Friedemann Schaub.”
Read More

Tallahassee Your Health
Nothing to Fear “The fear of failure comes from a distorted perspective of yourself, based on a belief of not being good enough and that you’re failing because you don’t have what it takes and you can’t measure up and really compete with others,” said Dr. Friedemann Schaub.” Read More

HuffPost Live
Why Personal Space Really Matters “Attention close talkers: personal space is real and it’s important. Researchers have narrowed down the actual distance that people comfortably want between them. How far apart should we be and why is having personal boundaries so important?” Read More

HuffPost Live
The Truth About Female Anxiety “Statistics have repeatedly shown that women carry the brunt of stress and are diagnosed with anxiety disorders at twice the rate of men. What’s the source of female anxiety and how can they learn to cope?” Read More

The Dr. Melanie Show on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel
Interview with Dr. Schaub and Dr Melanie Dr. Schaub Interviewed by Dr. Melanie Listen

HuffPost Healthy
Can We Choose Our Reality? “Do you struggle with reality? Let’s say you started your day on the wrong foot. You don’t know why, but something seems off. And of all things, you have an important meeting with your boss. As you’re about to leave for work, you notice your keys are hiding again.” Read More

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld
Dr. Schaub On The Fear & Anxiety Solution Dr. Schaub discusses his new book, The Fear and Anxiety Solution Read More

WGVU Broadcasting
Open Mind Dr. Schaub is interviewed by Cecilia Skidmore, MA, LPC Listen

The Catherine Bradford Show
The Catherine Bradford Show Each chapter offers specific tools and highly effective, easy-to-follow processes that allow you to understand, direct, and utilize the subconscious mind as our greatest ally on the path to health and wholeness. Listen

HuffPost Healthy Living
The Monkey Mind Matters “For many years, my mind seemed to have a mind of its own, especially when I worked as a physician in a busy cardiology department. From the moment I woke up, my mind started in, running me through the day’s seemingly-endless “still-not-done list.” While in the shower and during breakfast, my thoughts…” Read More

Your Fear and Aniety Solution Dr. Schaub discusses his book, “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” Listen

Aging Care
Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart: The Dangers of Broken Heart Syndrome “If exposed to elevated levels of stress hormones for too long, the heart becomes enlarged with blood and can no longer pump blood efficiently. “You’re hormones are essentially asking your heart to do the impossible. It’s the equivalent of running all-out on a treadmill for eight hours straight,” Schaub says.” Read More

Care 2 Make a Difference
Can You Die from a Broken Heart? “It’s not surprising that we feel constantly on high alert, says Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution. “The constant barrage of news gives us every little detail of every disaster. Even though there may be nothing dangerous in our immediate environment, we still feel like something bad could also happen to us at any moment,” he says.” Read More

Elevated Existence
How to Stop Being a People Pleaser “Does this sound familiar to you? Your sibling calls you and complains her computer is broken. You know she looks up to you, and you immediately volunteer to buy her a new computer, although you don’t really have money for it.” Read More

CBS, New York
Interview with Pat Farnack Dr. Schaub is interviewed by Pat Farnack on CBS New York Listen

BrainWorld Magazine
Dr. Friedemann Schaub’s New Book “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” “What would you say if I told you that the things that keep you up at night (bills, taxes) or make your palms sweat (public speaking) or your heart beat (that weekly telephone call with your sibling), or those nagging doubts and knee jerk reactions are really messages coming from the subconscious that contain healing powers.” Read More

BrainWorld Magazine
Dr. Schaub on His New Book Dr. Schaub discusses his book, “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” Read More

Contact Talk Radio
Interview with Dr. Schaub & Cari Murphy Dr. Schaub Interviewed Listen

Blog Talk Radio
A Book and a Chat with Dr. Friedemann Schaub Joe Rumbolo and Dr. Schaub share education, transformation, inspiration, enlightenment, entertainment and fun as they discuss his book, “The Fear and Anxiety Solution: A Breakthrough Process for Healing and Empowerment with Your Subconscious Mind,” and how is this information practically applied in this post-2012 world. Listen

The Fear and Anxiety Solution: An Interview with Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD “You may have experienced it yourself or can become aware of it just looking around. There’s a rising feeling of anxiety in our culture today and people are searching for answers from mental health professionals to spiritual gurus. Today I want to bring you someone who has some insight into what’s going on and what might help us in the more difficult times.” Read More

Spirituality and Practice
Book Review: The Fear and Anxiety Solution “According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 20 percent of American adults 18 years or older are diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which translates to more than 50 million adults. Anxiety has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. Every year people spend millions of dollars on prescribed drugs to escape its symptoms.” Read More

Vegetais e Obremesas
Reviews of Making Financial “The author describes how fear and anxiety, rather than being the actual disorder, are merely symptoms of a deeper imbalance within a person’s life, and he shares a practical guide to transforming those symptoms and manifestations of slow self esteem and insomnia into a more purposeful life.” Read More

Spirituality & Health
Book Review: The Fear & Anxiety Solution “If the anxious mind is a spiraling whirlpool of what-ifs and self-doubt, then The Fear & Anxiety Solution is an anchor that helps keep the spirit moored. Author Friedemann Schaub has a keen understanding of how anxious individuals constantly struggle against themselves, and his book will resonate…” Read More

Morgen Bailey’s Writers Blog
Guest post: What prompts a doctor to write a book about the mind-body connection? “My fascination with the healing power of our mind and our emotions started with watching my parents, who were both family doctors in a small town, located in the middle of the beautiful Black Forest in Germany. I always admired my parents’ dedication to their patients, many of whom they’d known since birth.” Read More

Purposeful Growth
A Solution to Fear, Anxiety, & Panic Attacks “Why is learning to deal with fear an important topic for purposeful growth? Dr. Schaub indicates that 20% of adults have anxiety disorder, which seems a very large percentage until I stop to think about the prevalence of fear and anxiety in our society.” Read More