Guided Practices from The Fear and Anxiety Solution

Download for free these guided exercises and meditations from The Fear and Anxiety Solution:The Parts Re-integration Process, the Pattern Resolution Process & the Realign with your Essence Meditation.

These processes are abbreviated versions from The Fear and Anxiety Solution and the 4 CD audio-program and should ideally be used in conjunction with the book.
The Parts Re-integration Process addresses on of the major subconscious root causes – the inner conflict between a “negative” part of your subconscious?causing you to feel anxious, insecure, worried, or ashamed?and an opposing “positive” side that promotes confidence, motivation, and optimism. As a result of this conflict you may find yourself stuck in an inner tug-of-war, expending a lot of energy without getting anywhere. The Parts Re-integration Process allows you to resolve this conflict and establish a great sense of wholeness and congruity.
The Pattern Resolution Process is an extremely powerful method to release stored fear and anxiety from your subconscious mind, while learning the lessons and claiming the growth potential that has been enclosed within these memories. It allows to safely unload decades of emotional baggage?and outgrow the past? in a matter of minutes.
The Realign with Your Essence Guided Meditation will help you to align yourself with your essence and build a strong foundation for confidence and self-worth on a conscious, subconscious, and cellular level.
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