What really happens to your body when you feel stressed out

//What really happens to your body when you feel stressed out
What really happens to your body when you feel stressed out2017-05-30T22:27:30+00:00

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None of us are strangers to stress. Between work, family, bills, and other commitments, the stressors in our lives just seem to pile up continuously. It’s no wonder that adults report higher levels of stress each year, according to a 2015 study by the American Psychological Association, with an estimated one-third of participants saying they were more stressed than the year before. And all that stress is just not good for us. In that same study, 24 percent of adults reported extreme stress in their lives, and a whopping 78 percent of adults reported suffering from at least one symptom of stress that year alone.

I spoke with a few experts to find out just how all that stress can affect our bodies, and some of their answers may surprise you.

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