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Learn the Truth about Fear and AnxietyDr. Friedemann Schaub

Watch these interviews and presentations with Dr. Friedemann Schaub as he talks about how to overcome some of most common challenges with fear and anxiety, such as mind-racing, stress-related illnesses, phobias, insomnia and more.

Why Fighting your Fears doesn’t work

If you have been suffering from anxiety, you know how debilitating and disempowering these emotions can appear. And you have probably also noticed, that no matter how hard you try to ignore, suppress or get rid of your fear and anxiety, they only seem to get stronger and more persistent.

In the videos below, Dr. Friedemann explains the reasons why fighting fear and anxiety doesn’t work, why you don’t have to be afraid of your emotions and how you can use the healing power of your subconscious mind to identify and resolve the deeper root causes of these emotional challenges.

Learn how to heal Your Anxiety with Your Subconscious Mind

Struggling with reality or feel like a victim of your circumstances? Some situations like losing our job, financial troubles or a serious health issue can make us feel powerless and stuck in a reality we don’t want. But what is reality? Is it a fact-based truth that you can’t deny or argue? Dr. Friedemann Schaub can help you find out how you can utilize the power of your subconscious mind to become the master of your reality.

Similar to pain, fear and anxiety are symptoms of deeper issues, which need to be discovered and addressed to create permanent relief and change. The good news is, that healing fear and anxiety with your subconscious mind isn’t just about eliminating the problem – it is about growing into a more balanced, confident and self-appreciative version of yourself.
Watch the interviews with Dr. Friedemann and learn how you can start your journey of healing, growth and empowerment today.

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Healing Fear and Anxiety through the Subconscious Mind