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6 Weird Compulsions That Are Totally Normal—and 4 You Should Worry About

Am I normal or nuts?

You live a pretty normal life. You’ve got friends, you’ve got hobbies, and you’re happy to spend 20 minutes hunting for the toothpaste at the pharmacy rather than—God, no! No! Anything but that!­—actually asking a clerk for help. Trust us, that behavior is normal, because all of us are a little, well, quirky. And in most cases, our idiosyncrasies are curable, or at least curbable. We asked an array of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health professionals to weigh in on a variety of odd behaviors burdening our readers and staff. You might recognize one of them in yourself and wonder, Am I normal or nuts? The answer is always yes and yes.

These weird facts about your brain will totally blow your mind.  READ MORE HERE

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